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Sayyidi Abul Hasan al Shaduli

Sayyidi Abul Hasan ash-Shadhuli was born in the year 593 AH (1196 AD) and lived until 656 AH. He is a descendant of Sayyiduna Al-Imam Al-Hussein and the founder of the well known Sufi Order "Ash-Shadhuliyya".
He was known for always being patient and reacting kindly and perfectly to any kind of troubles. He fought back his enemies through decent behavior and he was never provoked. This confused his opponents until they were despaired. For this reason they called him "ash-Shadh" meaning "the weird" as a way of mocking him. But then Allah granted him his famous surname "ash-Shadhuli". Allah added "li" to the name they called him, meaning that Sayyidi Abul Hasan is abnormal for them but special for Allah. This is why nobody can become a saint unless accepted by Sayyidi Abul Hasan ash-Shadhuli.
The sheikh of Sayyidi Abul Hasan ash-Shadhuli was Sayyidi Abdel Salam Ibn Bashish; he conveyed the Tariqa and the Awrad to him. Sayyidi Abdel Salam Ibn Bashish had only this one murid (follower), but he equated to a whole nation because the Shadhuliyya followers became numerous later on. After being with Sayyidi Abdel Salam Ibn Bashish, Sayyidi Abul Hasan ash-Shadhuli spent most of his life in Alexandria. His servant and companion, Sayyidi Abdel Aziz al Mukanna bi Abi-l-Magd married Sayyidi Abul Hasan's sister Sayyidatu Fatimatu ash-Shadhuliya. Two of their sons were the famous saints Sayyidi Ibrahim ad-Disuqi and Sayyidi Musa Abul Umran. Sayyidi Ibrahim ad-Disuqi received the Tariqa from Sayyidi Abul Hasan ash-Shadhuli.

The Tariqa Burhaniya was renewed by the Sudanese Sheikh Mawlana Mohamed Osman Abdu al Burhani (1902-1983). Its leadership has been brought forward from Sheikh Mohamed Osman Abdu al Burhani to his son Sheikh Ibrahim († 2003) and thereafter to his grandson Sheikh Mohamed.

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