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Sayyidi Ibrahim al Qurashi ad Disuqi

The master of Tariqa Burhaniya Disuqiya Schadhuliya and the lord of its secrets is Sayyidi Ibrahim ad-Disuqi - Abul Ainin - Abul Aunayin ("The one with double help"). He is the one whose prayers are answered.
Sayyidi Ibrahim was born in Desuq (Northern Egypt) in the year of 633 AH, during the last night of the month Shaban.
He is one of the Imams to whom Allah revealed His sacraments. He belongs to the last group of the "saba'a al mathani" (the seven doublets), the poles of Sufism, responsible for the "nawafil" (voluntary augmentation of duties). Just as the founders of the four Islamic schools of thought have taught the muslims about "farida" (the duties in Islam), so are the Sufi poles responsible for the teaching of "nawafil". The "as-salatu-l-muhammadiya" (also called "as-salat adh-dhatiya") is a prayer by Sayyidi Ibrahim ad-Disuqi about the essence of the Prophet saws: the "unidentified stage". All devine secrets are from this stage (also called "the ruby") which the Prophet Muhammad saws held before even the world was created.
Sayyidi Ibrahim passed away in the 676 AH, i.e. he lived only 43 years. According to some other books he lived 63 years. He was entombed in his well-known mosque in Desuq.

The Tariqa Burhaniya was renewed by the Sudanese Sheikh Mawlana Mohamed Osman Abdu al Burhani (1902-1983). Its leadership has been brought forward from Sheikh Mohamed Osman Abdu al Burhani to his son Sheikh Ibrahim († 2003) and thereafter to his grandson Sheikh Mohamed.

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